There is no evidence that has been found so far that proves when the first corset was made. We know that women in classical Greece used wide, tight leather belts as under garments and accentuated their waistlines with decorative ribbon tied and wrapped around the waist. There is very little surviving evidence of undergarments or corsetry from across Europe during the later stages of the Roman Empire and in to the dark ages. This doesn’t mean that they weren’t around, just that the evidence hasn’t …


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Back view of Ophelia gown

Ethereal Corset gown.

A favourite from 2010… 2010 had so many amazing designs, I look back on that year with so much pride. As a concept, this has to be one of my favourites, it was so creative and artistic.  The bride came to me with a rough concept in her head of the look she wanted to achieve.  Her ideas were romantic, rustic and inspired images in my mind that were easily beyond gorgeous.  So armed with a sketch and some specifications, we set to work creating …

Steel boned corset

About the Corsets

Decades of research and expertise go into the construction of the corsets, dresses and gowns. All of our corsets are: Steel boned throughout Lined and interlined in heavy cotton for strength and breath-ability The Seams are all reinforced and triple stitched for strength The eyelets are set in re-inforced channels for tight lacing All of our gowns can be customised or if you need something even more special and unique, a full design service is available.  Please email us for more information and prices.