Back view of Ophelia gown

Ethereal Corset gown.

A favourite from 2010…

2010 had so many amazing designs, I look back on that year with so much pride.

As a concept, this has to be one of my favourites, it was so creative and artistic.  The bride came to me with a rough concept in her head of the look she wanted to achieve.  Her ideas were romantic, rustic and inspired images in my mind that were easily beyond gorgeous.  So armed with a sketch and some specifications, we set to work creating the vision in her mind. We had a few emails discussing various elements.  The keywords for the overall look of the garment were ‘ethereal’ distressed and ‘elegant’.  The gown was then constructed using natural/coarse pieces of cotton and linen worked in together with an array of laces. 

side view of Ophelia gown

Back view of Ophelia gown

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