Who am I?

I take exceptional pride in every stitch that goes in to my corsets and bridal gowns.I take exceptional pride in every stitch that goes in to my corsets and bridal gowns. I have put decades of research in to the patterns and construction. Every piece of fabric that I will work with has been specifically selected and all of the materials that go in to the construction are of the highest possible standard.

As a child I was taught to sew by my grandmothers, one born in the Victorian the other in the Edwardian era. I made my first dress when I was four years old. It was truly awful, I made it out of a horrific pair of old curtains and sewed up an armhole but the seed was sewn.

I specialized in corsetry over 15 years ago; my work has been displayed in numerous catwalk shows and fashion events. My work outside corsetry has also been used in theatre, various organizations including national heritage and used in historical documentaries shown on national geographic and the discovery channel.

Working from my design studio, I wanted a label away from the pressure where I could let my own creativity flow and create new pieces inspired by decades of work and research but not constrained by it, I have a passion for making historical clothing wearable today, So a life time obsession with sewing and a passion for cosetry lead to the creation of ‘Bound By Obsession’.

Over the years I have developed many hundreds of patterns ranging from the historically accurate and the historically inspired, to my own unique designs. My corsets are all steel boned and constructed depending on the historical inspiration; the majority made using three to four layers of high quality fabric sourced from all over the world.

I understand the problems that can crop up with custom made clothing over the internet but my worst fear is an unhappy customer, so much of

My soul goes in to the work that I do it would be a huge personal failure if a customer wasn’t completely happy, I know I’m over sensitive about it but the tiniest detail will bother me and keep me awake at night.

The more details, information, comments, anything at all that is in your mind will help make sure that I get your garment absolutely perfect, I really don’t mind how many messages, the more the better. After all, if your are paying for something that you want, you should get what you want. I know that some people feel awkward or rude in some way but personally aside, my lively hood depends on me doing a good job and getting good feedback.