Ordering custom corsets is easy but a bit daunting.

Quick guide to how it works:

  • Discuss what you want and the cost – I can work to a set budget, having a vast range of suppliers gives me a wide range of materials at a wide range of prices though do bare in mind that I have to pay bills and feed myself.
  • Confirm details – Take your measurements and set timeline. I will go through the measuring process with you fully, the measurements that I will require will vary depending on the type of garment that you order. The measurements are not complicated and I double-check everything, there are mathematical rules that apply to the human body and pattern making, to put it very basically to avoid boring you to tears, A + B = C, doesn’t equal A + B then I can see that there is a problem and can ask you to recheck. Simple designs can be very quick, a few days then shipping time, obviously, the more work that needs to go into a garment, the longer it will take but if you have a specific deadline in mind let me know as I usually am very busy with orders.
  • Payment is required before the garment can be dispatched – payment plans can be set up but I would require a deposit before starting work. All payments are processed through PayPal for your security and convenience, PayPal converts into most currencies, I will never at any point see your bank or card details and there will always be a third party monitoring me and my transactions. Though my worst nightmare is an unhappy customer, should something go wrong, you have back up that will resolve any issues and return your money.
  • Progress pictures – If you set a very short deadline it may not be possible to email progress pictures of your item coming together. I do like to blog about the work that I am doing (except wedding dresses until after the wedding) though do let me know if you prefer that I don’t.
  • Shipping – I like to confirm your measurements again and check then against the finished garment particularly if the garment was ordered a long time in advance.
  • Then your custom garment is shipped to you where ever you are in the world! If by some slim chance your garment doesn’t fit I am more than happy to alter it for you.
  • If you have a good idea of exactly what you are looking for, you can email me pictures even if its a scribble in Biro or a full mood board. If you need inspiration I can send you pictures of fabrics, trims and previous work, if it helps, you can print it off, scribble notes all over it about what you like and don’t like then email it back to me. Then I send you photos at every stage through the making process so that you can see your outfit is coming along.

I have a huge range of fabrics and trims, I am trying to catalogue them but there are so many and I get new supplies so often, the range is ever-growing. The easiest way at the moment is to give me some ideas of what you have in mind, even if its just a colour or texture. If you are really torn, think about your wardrobe, the colours that you have that you love to wear, the style of the clothes, what would go best? Or how you want to wear the corset, every day for work, evenings out, weddings, outerwear, underwear, both.

You can email me with queries and questions no matter how big or small and we can talk over your needs, likes/dislikes. Though please don’t be offended if it takes a little while for me to reply during peak times, The studio is generally very busy and I tend to answer emails at the beginning and the end of the day, which is generally 8-9am and 6-7pm GMT