Steampunk patchwork corset


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An advancement of the handmade patchwork corset, this design uses the same hand made fabric comprising of an intricate mix of luxury satin, taffeta, dupion, jacquard, raw silk, lace and ribbon then incorporates chain work, cogs, metal findings and curiosities in with the beading and flowers which is all mounted and worked in to heavy weight cottons.

Cut from a popular victorian corset pattern and steel boned throughout, this corset is the epitome of textile art in clothing. The two piece eyelets will be set in re enforced channels with a steel bone either side making the corset ideal for tightlacing.

Each of the materials used in the construction of the corset is carefully and individually hand inspected and selected for its properties. Each unique body has its own individual requirements that need to be addressed specifically, decades of knowledge and experience go in to creating the perfect corset just for you.

Each steel boned is hand cut and prepared individually for each boning channel for the ultimate fit. The seam structure and fabric selection throughout the corset and the two piece eyelets which are set in a re enforced channel supported on both sides with steel bones making the corset ideal for tightlacing.

All the manufacturing techniques are still bound by historical roots and the pattern cut is impeccable, creating the most delicious hour glass figure.

This corset would be made to your specific measurements and requirements.

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