Floral front lacing waspie corset 38″


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Based on a later, more Edwardian style, the front lacing underbust corset is designed for the wearer to be more active.  At the same time as creating the stunning hourglass shape it is brilliantly simple, elegant and versatile.  It is one of our favourite and most popular types of corset.  It’s ideal for everyday wear, keep it casual or dress it up, wear it to work or as underwear because they are so comfortable and adaptable to any situation.  You can wear these under or over clothing and having the lacing at the front is just so quick and simple.

It is made using all the historical techniques that you would expect to find in a quality corset with several layers of specialist fabrics, steel boning throughout and two part eyelets set in re enforced, double boned channels for tightlacing, being designed to reduce the natural waist by four inches.

It is designed for a 4-6″ reduction on the natural waist creating a gorgeous hourglass shape and measures 38″ making it ideal for a 42″ natural waist.

Check our size chart, click on the image to go to the measurement guide.

size chart

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