Size guide and measurements

The next two diagrams are designed to help show you where to take your measurements and to show a little more about what they mean in relation to your corset.  Measuring the length of your body at precise points ensures the most accurate and comfortable fit.

corset measurement diagram
Measuring around your body, holding the tape measure firmly but not too tight, it shouldn't interrupt the line of the skin or the corset may pinch.  Make sure that the tape measure is even and level right the way around your body to ensure the most accurate measurement.

A - Chest -  Where the top line of the corset will sit.
B - Bust -  The widest part of your natural bust.
C - Underbust -  Where your bra strap would sit.
D -  The narrowest part of your waist, usually about 2 inches above your   belly button.
E - High hip -  To accurately gauge the curve from the waist to the bottom line of the corset.
F - Full hip -  The widest part of you hip where the lowest points of the corset will sit.

Measuring down the side of your body, take care to be as accurate as you can, take the measurement from the same level as you took the horizontal measurements.

1 - Chest to bust.
2 - Bust to underbust.
3 - Underbust to waist.
4 - Waist to high hip.
5 - High hip to full hip.

measurement guide diagram

Of course, do feel free to contact me with any questions or leave a comment here, the more the better, it's so worth it to make sure that we get everything perfect!
Sizing can be a little tricky especially if you are trying to decide whether you want a ready made corset, made to measure or fully custom.  Here I am including a size chart with UK, USA and European dress sizes and corset sizes along with two diagrams to help you take your measurements.  There are no official, set industry standard measurement charts so they all have to be taken as a guide and most clothing manufacturers will have their own ideas on their size charts but I have taken the most commonly used measurements for this chart.

Size chart
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