The studio itself...

Every item that we sell is designed, planned, crafted and finished by us, in our studio, we do not out source to factories or have any of our garments produced for us.

We would like to show you around the studio, right now we have a lot of commisions on the go and all commisions are kept secret until after the planned event so we will take more pictures when these garments are packaged up out of sight but here's a peek for the moment...

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We currently have 12 sewing machines in the studio all with different specialist features that are used for different fabrics and techniques.

Our fabrics are split in to three main categories;

  • Main lines; calico, drill, coutil, The fabrics that we constanly use at a consistent quality.
  • Standard lines;  satins, silks, laces which features and patterns may need to vary from commision to commision.
  • Rare lines;  limited eddtions, vintage or antique fabrics that are un repeatable and make unique garments.

I am the cause of some dismay as my magpie tendencies lead me to hoard vast amounts of beautiful things that then wait to be claimed as a feature on a gown...but you will never be able to get it when you want it so you have to buy it when you see it!  Every single client that has come in to the studio says the same thing... "It's EXACTLY like being a kid in a candy store"

Having a skype video appointment will allow you to see in to the studio, meet us and talk about your needs face to face, for free, from anywhere in the world. We can help you set up a skype account if you haven't used it before.  Time zones, in house appointments and our work load will have to be taken in to account when we are arranging an appointment, we are usually quite flexible but may not always be able to stop work without notice.


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