[NHL-GAEM]** Washington Capitals vs Carolina Hurricanes 2019 Live Stream ON TV

The Washington Capitals and Carolina Hurricanes had their Game 6 on Monday, and there's still more to be had.

Watch Now: https://online-tvcast.com/nhl-hockey/

Watch Now: https://online-tvcast.com/nhl-hockey/

The Hurricanes refused to go away and won another game in Raleigh, forcing a decisive Game 7 in Washington later this week -- the third Game 7 of the first round.

The Predators, meanwhile, weren't so lucky. Nashville had a chance to force a Game 7 of their own with a win on the road against the Dallas Stars on Monday, but an overtime thriller ended with the Stars netting the game-winner and eliminating the Preds in six games. That's just the latest in a long line of upsets that we've seen already in round one.

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