Wedding inspirations

Very similar to our highly decorative pashminas, this wrap is a silghtly different shape and fastens at one shoulder with a matching brooch pin. It was designed to give more fixed coverage of the shoulders and upper arms with less free movement on windy days or if you need to be more active during whilst wearing the pashmina. The model that we are featuring at the moment is black with black flowers as black wedding dresses are very popular at the moment but as with all of our products, we are more than happy to create a new model to match any dress or specifically to your own requirements.

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One of our lovely suppliers has just bought this amazing corset our way to add to our collection of historical garments...It is handmade and bears a remarkable resemblance to the German austerity corset that is in the Leicester Museum. We will have to do some research and post more information soon...austerity corset

Our first big surprise for 2015 is...


We now have a bright, fresh new space for you tovisit and see our work, explore colours, fabrics and all the options available to you.  We are very excited to welcome our first client on Monday, to book your own appointment,

Here is a quick picture that I grabbed on my phone while we were setting up last week, there are a few more on our facebook page and more of the finished room to follow.  Don't forget to like our page to hear about updates, news and special offers.

setting up the new showroom

The classic, vibrant cadury purple 'Juliet' which is one of our all time favourite corset gowns is now available in a deep, rich Burgundy duchess satin creating an equally stunning bridal gown which lends itself so well to a Victorian or steampunk themed wedding.

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We are having a lot of requests for gold wedding dresses this year so I have started scanning the world wide web for great images to inspire, I am collecting them all together in a mood board on pinterest.

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