We had amazing fun flying through this light up hoop skirt as fast as we possibly could. The pressure was definitely on but the results were so breathtaking, we absolutely love this !!!









Some garments are fated to be made, they are just meant to be. With all hands on deck and not a minute to spare this light up hoop skirt flowed together without a single hitch or hic-up. We had to make some adjustments to our normal methods and techniques to make sure that the garment was perfect for the customer and completed before a very close deadline. We were all thrilled when it was delivered and so delighted to see this amazing picture.

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Hello my lovely people,

Just a quick note to say sorry we are so quiet, we are all working hard through the main season rush. 

We have a lot planned over the next few months.  We also have some exciting new historical pieces to add to our collection including a gorgeous silk bodice that is completely handmade and still boned with its original whale bones, a very interesting corset that we are still trying to accurately date and some very intricate hand embroidered Victorian clothing, all of which can be seen in our showroom. 















There are some very exciting new designs on the horizon too so keep an eye out for sneak previews coming soon.

Don't forget to keep an eye on our facebook page for updates too, we will be adding sale items at the end of the season, try to grab a bargain or even a freebie….

Our first big surprise for 2015 is...


We now have a bright, fresh new space for you tovisit and see our work, explore colours, fabrics and all the options available to you.  We are very excited to welcome our first client on Monday, to book your own appointment,

Here is a quick picture that I grabbed on my phone while we were setting up last week, there are a few more on our facebook page and more of the finished room to follow.  Don't forget to like our page to hear about updates, news and special offers.

setting up the new showroom

This red and black custom corest is another definite favourite from this year.  I am still in the middle of writing up everything that went to creating this corset but I have put the pictures here first add will post the full write up soon.










Special editions for Halloween.


As we begin to look at the end of summer I always need to give myself a little push and put some effort in to enjoying the onset of winter.  Halloween provides an opportunity to rediscover classic old favourites and also to explore and experiment with darker colours and themes.  To begin to get in to the spirit of the coming seasons, our limited edition special designs are on special offer.


I have a Victorian pattern that I obtained from studying a particular source many years ago.  I always use this pattern when I am making bloomers because in my mind the original pattern cut is the best for a good historical look and feel.


These bloomers are made with a good quality, hard wearing fabric and are as good for outer wear as they are for underwear, perfect for Halloween themes weddings and parties. 
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Ethereal black pashmina/wrap...

This wrap was inspired by the neo-victorian, steampunk theme with the variety of laces, filigree metal buttons and hand made flowers.  It has an uneven cut and finished which was inspired by the aesthetic genius of Tim Burton. 


Keep an eye on the shop for more Halloween specials.

I've been reminiscing over old favourite dresses and this one still has to be one of my all time favourites. I still love looking at the article on the off beat bride website, they look SO happy it brings a tear to the eye!

Click on the image below to read more about Ingi and Jay's amazing steampunk wedding in the Edgar Allen Poe museum...

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