Special editions for Halloween.


As we begin to look at the end of summer I always need to give myself a little push and put some effort in to enjoying the onset of winter.  Halloween provides an opportunity to rediscover classic old favourites and also to explore and experiment with darker colours and themes.  To begin to get in to the spirit of the coming seasons, our limited edition special designs are on special offer.


I have a Victorian pattern that I obtained from studying a particular source many years ago.  I always use this pattern when I am making bloomers because in my mind the original pattern cut is the best for a good historical look and feel.


These bloomers are made with a good quality, hard wearing fabric and are as good for outer wear as they are for underwear, perfect for Halloween themes weddings and parties. 
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Ethereal black pashmina/wrap...

This wrap was inspired by the neo-victorian, steampunk theme with the variety of laces, filigree metal buttons and hand made flowers.  It has an uneven cut and finished which was inspired by the aesthetic genius of Tim Burton. 


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