A little more artsy

This is the next corset inspired by my experiments with fine art on corsetry. 

I held back a little on the detail, now I wish I'd put a bit more on it, I'll make another one with more drama though that being said, I do really love this corset with the ivory skirt and black netting, really exciting, I'm getting loads of inspiration from that for some fantastic new designs.

Maybe this was just enough detail to keep the elegance of an outfit as a whole without cluttering and over crowding.  Though I really would like to push it a bit further than I have done previously.  I love the black on black corset with the asymmetric shoulder strap/sleeve.  This corset could easily be made with two straps/sleeves.


The straps can be worn in a variety of different ways, as a strap, left to drape over the shoulder and down the arm as a sleeve, it can be worn as a decorative element on the corset and they are removable so you get so many
different looks with and styles in one corset.

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