Historically inspired underbust

This corset was first inspired by the work and research that went on during my project with Lili-kad photography.  Several original victorian corsets came up during the initial stages and a number of ideas were jotted down in my design diary for future reference.  One of the concepts that I liked the most was a removable flower corsage and I just love the way that really old corsets look so beautiful, even aged and worn, they have a beauty that new corsets struggle to replicate.

Some of the techniques that I have been working with recently sent my mind back to those quickly scribbled notes. 

I spent a few days preparing the main fabric before finally deciding on the trim, I had two that jumped right out at me and begged to be made but this was the closest to my first vision and I can work with the other trim soon.

The corset is fully steel boned through out and the two part eyelets are set in to re enforced double boned channels for support when tight lacing.

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