The experiments continue

The experiments with the paler appliquéd details also have both good and bad qualities though different to the black, I like the subtlety of the detail but it is hard to convey it in photographs. 
I like the fact that you have to look a little closer at a garment sometimes and everytime you look at it, you see something different, some thing that catches the light in a new way, garments like that never get boring or dull.  I didn't do as much work in this test, I just wanted to see the effect of the paler colour scheme.

Whilst doing that I remembered a gold chiffon that I had and stumbled upon a gorgeous gold/olive taffeta that went so well, another design for the future there! 

I don't have much of the fabrics left so I didn't want to experiment with them too much but did take some tiny snips for my design journal to keep the colour scheme in my mind.  I would need a design the was much more elegant and classic for those fabrics, I jotted down a quick sketch of something that sprang to mind.  It was supposed to be a quick reminder of a delicate lacy rose/flower embroidered over an appliquéd background but it did infact inspire me again, I tend to find floral fabrics really appealing and find myself buying all sorts of different styles, colours and weaves. one of the latest ones that I purchased I had originally intended to be a lining fabric but its just so gorgeously kitsch I felt it was wasted being hidden away on the inside.  I have cut a corset out of this fabric that I have to make soon but combining all the ideas I've just had has taken over so I tried some experiments with appliquéing the roses and flowers on to an ivory brocade background.

I was really taken with the pink rose appliqué so dove straight in to making a corset with that concept. 
I chose a very simple corset pattern that I adapted from an original victorian pattern some years ago that I most commonly use for bridal corsets and evening wear.  Whilst still being designed for a four inch waist reduction and perfectly suitable for tightlacing, it is very easy to wear and doesn't need to be heavily boned to create a stunning hourglass shape, not an intimidating corset in any way, classic and elegant and most importantly, closed fronted giving a fabulous platform for creating images and art work!

I have nearly finished that corset, it needs it's bones and eyelets then its done and I can photograph it. 
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