I have a long torso, can I have my corset made a little longer?
Yes, you can specify the exact length and dimensions of your corset.

I'm in love with this corset but is it available in a different colour?
I have a huge range of fabrics and access to many more, some are unrepeatable, discontinued or rare fabrics but I can substitute fabrics and the colour choices are only limited by your imagination.

Is my payment secure?
I only use paypal for transactions, the safest way to pay online, I never have any access to any card or bank details.  Please visit www.paypal.com for more information.

What sort of boning will you use in my corset?

You can choose the type of boning used in the corset, I have 6mm spiral boning which is used in the majority of modern corsets, it is quite flexible. I also have the 6mm flat sprung steel which is more rigid and the 12mm flat sprung steel which is more rigid again. In the corsets that I make for myself I most often use the 6mm flat steel or the 12mm if I want a really robust underbust but I find the 6mm easier to wear for longer periods so if its a corset that I am going to wear all day at work or going out for a meal, I use the 6mm, clubbing and special occasions, I use the 12mm.

Can I have a contract?
Contracts are a really good idea for wedding dresses and advance orders, of course anyone is welcome to a contract for piece of mind.

What size should I choose?
Custom corsets:
Custom corsets are made to your measurements, the most common measurements that I need are:

Chest - where the top line of the corset sits
Bust - the widest part of your natural bust
Under bust - where your bra strap sits
Waist - the narrowest point, usually about 2 inches above your belly button
Hip - the widest part

Do feel free to ask as many questions as you feel like when it comes to taking measurements, I really don't mind at all and it's better to be sure.

Ready to ship corsets

Ready to ship corsets are made to standardised measurement charts.  They are designed for a four inch waist reduction so a 28 inch corset would be best suited to a 32 inch natural waist.
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